The USB drive that meowed

Cat Bar USB drive

USB drives these days come shaped like everything from ducks to rockstar jewellery, but Taiwanese firm Panram sets the standard for others to follow with its 256MB Cat Bar, which both looks like a cat (well, sort of) and meows when you plug it in (well, sort of; see below). This silliness belies a useful spec—USB2.0, an app that enables you to send and receive mail from your own account on any computer, password protection, etc. Unfortunately, you apparently need to install the software that comes with it to get the meow, and it's your computer that does the meowing rather than the device itself. If that makes you feel cheated and bitter, you may feel more attracted to Panram's range of natty Lego-like drives, which can be stacked up to make colourful little houses of data storage that your kids can throw at things and break.

[Via Slashdot Japan]