Siemens "cross to type" SK65 cellphone

Siemens SK65

This one is so obvious that we're surprised no one's done it yet (or maybe someone has and it just never caught on or something), but Siemens' new SK65 cellphone squeezes in a decently-sized QWERTY keyboard by having the handset rotate 90 degrees. It's a layout they're calling "cross to type", but we'll try and think of something more clever than that. It's designed for messaging (obviously) and comes with RIM's BlackBerry email software built-in, Bluetooth (but no digital camera), a 132 x 176 pixel, 64,000 color LCD screen, 64MB of RAM, tri-band GSM/GPRS (which means it could potentially come out here), and it runs on Siemen's proprietary OS (which is sort of a minus). Should be out in October or November. Note to palmOne: rip this off for a future Treo.