carpoolIt seems that the Brits are, unsurprisingly trying to save money in their quest to ticket carpool lane cheaters. Actually having police do enough monitoring to act as a real deterrent is pretty costly, so they decided to let a camera do the work. In pursuit of that goal, Laser Optical Engineering has developed an infrared camera that exploits a small range of the infrared spectrum that is absorbed by human skin but reflected by all the non-organic parts of a car. This camera will be combined with an image recognition software to help eliminate the identification of other body parts as a second occupant, as well as shore up shoddy performance in lower light conditions (read: anything but bright sunlight; which is reputed to in short supply in England, isn't it?). We see a problem here, since windshields absorb infrared light, a "highly sophisticated – and vastly expensive" camera would do the trick. And here we thought they were trying to save money.

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