You know, if this thing wasn't real, we'd think it was one of the funniest joke-sites we've ever seen. For $29.95 you can have "GUARANTEED SECURITY" in the NETimer. (Being that security can never be guaranteed, we're quite glad a company has finally found a way to guarantee it! We hope they secure the patents for guaranteed security fast.) Basically, it's a timer that turns off your network connection at night, so the evil hackers won't come and steal your Outlook contacts and Fantasy Football spreadsheets. And you know it's got to be good, because Steve Gibson endorses it (that would be the guy with the reputation for being one of the most egotistical snake-oil peddlers in the computer industry). But if you're feeling a little sheepish about the investment, we have another suggestion for protecting your computer during the dark hours of the night. It goes something like turning it off.