Call it the PStwo: Is Sony planning a slimmed-down PS2?

PS2 logo

Reader David Anthony writes in with a question:

I'm wondering what the official story is. Gamestop and EB have no PS2s available for purchase and there's even short supply online at I was told by employees that this was due to the fact a portable version of the PS2 coming (not the PSP) that will be much like the PSone and there will also be a price drop to $99.

It was pretty easy to debunk the part about the PlayStation 2 being in short supply—Amazon,, and other online retailers seem to have plenty of them for sale—but anyone know if there's anything to this rumor that Sony is planning a slimmed-down version of the PS2? We haven't heard anything too specific about this (besides the usual rumblings), but sales are definitely flat, so it wouldn't exactly be shocking to discover they were planning a PStwo to follow in the footsteps of the PSone.

UPDATE: It's for real. Get yr PStwo photos here and PStwo details here.