Pentax unloads their new *ist DS, OptioSV, and OptioMX4 cameras on us

It's Pentax's turn this week to hit us with a bunch of new digital cameras in advance of the big Photokina trade show which starts in a couple of weeks. In no particular order:

Pentax *ist DS
The biggest news is the *ist DS, their new six megapixel digital SLR which is basically a budget version of their regular *ist D digital SLR and is meant to go head-to-head with Canon's EOS Digital Rebel.
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Pentax OptioSV
The Pentax OptioSV (and apparently one must italicize the 'SV') is new ultracompact five megapixel model that uses the same sliding-style optical zoom lens first found in the Optio S, though they've bumped up it up from 3x to 5x (freaking finally, too, 3x was getting sorta tiresome).
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Pentax OptioMX4

And rounding things out is Pentax's new OptioMX4, a new four megapixel version of their camcorder-style Optio MX which cops a bit of that retro Super 8 thing (you can record up to two hours of MPEG-4 video onto an SD card—though you'll have to be plugged in since the MX4's battery won't last that long) and has a 10x optical zoom lens, a pop-up flash, and a 1.8-inch LCD screen.
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