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Jabra BT800 Bluetooth earpiece

Dan Wu

Jabra BT800 headset 1
Jabra (makers of the popular BT250 headset which apparently a good many Engadget readers recommend) has announced the BT800, a Bluetooth-enabled earpiece with a 21x64 pixel LCD display, 5 ringtones, a vibrating mode, noise cancellation, 6 hours of talktime, charging via both USB (yes!) and AC power, and that weighs in at just three-fourths of an ounce. We would think those specs are enough, but Jabra goes all out and squeezes in two more buttons (to accept or deny the call) and a jog dial. We're counting down the days to January 2005, which is the rumored date being thrown around. Click to see another pic.

Jabra BT800 Bluetooth headset 2

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