Engadget Podcast 009 - 10.29.2004

Engadget Podcast.09 10.29.2004

Here's the latest podcast folks! Lenn is back from Spain and in this podcast we talk about the O'Reilly Mac OS X conference, the new iPod Photo, the Treo 650, mobile phones, devices, contracts from around the world and how we all use (or don't use) data. On a technical note, we tested out some new ways to record the quality should be getting better each time. We're still always trying to improve things, thanks for all the feedback as always.

Hosts: Lenn Pryor and Phillip Torrone.
Format: 50 minutes, 17MB, MP3.

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We've added time codes in the following list and links to the stories or references.

Time & Topics:
01:00- Intro.
02:00- O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, hacks are really popular, yay!
12:00- iPod Photo, it's faster than you'd think.
20:00- Tro 650, Sprint might not cripple it, still doesn't have WiFi though.
25:00- Random thoughts and conversations about data and phones around the world.
50:00- This is the end.