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Watch this Wednesday: The Samsung GPRS Class 10 Watch Phone


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Watch this Wednesday, the watch phone

Last week we rocked around the couch with the TV Remote watch, this week we ask, Where's our frickin' watchphone already?

Watch this Wednesday, the watch phone

What is it?

Samsung?s been telling us we?d all be wearing a 2.8 ounce, GSM, voice activated, OLED displaying (Organic Light Emitting Display), Bluetooth syncing watc phones since 2000. They might have thought we forgot, but we didn?t and we want our watch phone already.

Why we like it
This is up there with a Daisy Youth Red Rider BB Repeater, yet this Christmas, we think the tree will still be empty. It?s cool to show this off, but to never offer it up? C?mon, that?s just cruel.

Watch this Wednesday, the watch phone

Watch this Wednesday, the watch phone

Watch this Wednesday, the watch phone

Where to get it and how much
Samsung, since 2000 you?ve been taunting us each year with a new watchphone model, usually at a trade show with the flurry of accompanying press releases. You best represent at CES in January.

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