Treo 650 memory usage problems?

Treo 650 small

There are a lot of advantages to the new Treo 650 using non-volatile memory, like that if you totally drain its battery you won't lose all of your data, but it turns out there is one potentially very frustrating downside, too: you can't squeeze as much data into the same 32MB of storage space that you had on the Treo 600. Some new owners who have upgraded from the Treo 600 are reporting that when they sync the data from their old Treo onto their new one that applications and files that oreviously took up, say, 132k of space now take up 859k of space. The reason is that non-volatile memory stores data in 512 byte chunks, no matter how small it is, so that applications (especially databases) end up taking up a lot more room on the Treo 650 than they did on the Treo 600. Wouldn't be such a big deal if palmOne had done what everyone had expected them to and doubled the RAM on the Treo 650 to 64MB, but anyone who was stretched thin on the Treo 600 is definitely not going to be happy.

[Thanks, Jim]