palmOne admits to memory issue on the Treo 650

Treo 650 small

palmOne has owned up to the memory issues plaguing the new Treo 650, admitting that, yes, because the new smartphone uses non-volatile RAM, some files and apps take up more space than they did on the Treo 600 (which is a big deal for anyone upgrading from a maxed out Treo 600), but that it's a trade-off because you also won't lose all your data if the battery on the phone completely dies out. Apparently they're working on a software upgrade for the 650 so it will use its memory more efficiently, but in the meantime are offering Treo 650 owners a free 128MB SD card to help alleviate the problem (which sorta helps, except that running applications of the memory card isn't always smooth sailing).

[Thanks, Todd]