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Sharper Image's Sound Soother Fifty

Peter Rojas

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Sound Soother Fifty

You know you've got a pretty weak attempt to cash in on iPodmania when a company tries to sell their mini speaker system as an iPod accessory because, you know, you can connect it to your iPod via an audio cable (just like every other pair of external speakers), but the Sharper Image obviously knows a marketing buzzword when it sees one. The Sound Soother Fifty has the kind of industrial design that only a wannabe executive who actually shops at the Sharper Image could love, and besides functioning as external speakers also has 50 built-in soundscapes which are supposed to help lull you to sleep like Brass Chimes, Crickets, Buggy Ride, Hair Dryer (people are always falling asleep while drying their hair).

[Via MacMinute]

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