Toshiba @ CES - CELL processors for all TVs in 2006 and more

Toshiba Chopper

Toshiba has announced that the mysterious CELL processor, set to be used in the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) console, will be in all their TVs in 2006 as well. This should coincide with the PS3 launch, which may be released next year. For the DVD player market, the new Toshiba SD-6980 player will feature 720p/1080i enhancement, HDMI output, with support for both Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio, along with slots for nine memory card formats. The unit will also display JPGs in full hi-def resolution. In the DVD recorder market, the move is towards bigger hard drives to store the content until the user offloads it to DVD blanks. There's currently a 600GB DVD recorder available in Japan, but no word was given on if we'll see that here. Toshiba also jazzed up their press conference with a custom Toshiba chopper built by the guys from Orange County Choppers (on Discovery's American Chopper show) complete with flashing LED lights.