DirecTV @ CES - DTV's own DVR


DirecTV is launching their own branded DVR ('the most-advanced DVR in the world' according to DirecTV and further putting the hurt on TiVo), which will feature 100-hour recording capability, one-touch recording, dual tuners (record two and watch a third already-recorded show), onscreen caller ID, instant replay, bookmarks, and a search function. The cache is large enough to pause and rewind live TV for up to 90 minutes and the unit will be available in mid-2005 (no price announced). The menus and item selection is instant when scrolling through them (even faster than TiVo when DTV showed the demo). This first DVR looks to be incapable of recoding HDTV and they made no mention of any new HD DVRs this year (so there may be a glimmer of hope for TiVo after all since they have the only hi-def DTV DVR). They were quite happy to stop DirecTV satellite piracy last year and didn't seem to think that it would slow subscriber growth this year (as many ex-pirates were forced to subscribe) when we asked them about it.