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SanDisk @ CES - SD card with built-in USB adapter


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SanDisk SD-USB Card
We got our hands on this sweet new SD/USB card from Sandisk. Yeah, you got that right: it pulls double duty as a normal-looking SD card, but flip it over, pop off the cover, and it slips into any USB port just like that. We're not sure why Sandisk hopes to cannibalize their own USB card reader market by putting everything into one package, but we are definitely, definitely not complaining. Think we can get them to do this with TransFlash or MiniSD? No? Well, click on to see some more pics.

SanDisk SD-USB Card
Flipped open to reveal USB contacts (well, kind of). 

SanDisk SD-USB Card
Inserted in a USB port. We are just so in love.

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