Dummy updater reveals next gen of Sony PSP functions?

PSPSeems that a test-use file looking very much like a firmware updater for the PSP has made its way out onto the Web from the domain playstation.org (which Sony owns). While we wouldn't advise using it to update your PSP, as it contains dummy data that will overwrite your firmware into unusable gibberish, the file's list of contents details the following added functions: a text-speaking app, support for downloading SonicStage-compatible music and news, voice chat software, three game titles, and mail, word processing, web browsing and schedule apps (plus a couple of bug fixes). While this could all be a developer's pipe dream or a total fake, we can but hope. (Check out some video and screenshots of the installer courtesy of Japanese site game.memopad.jp, should you be in that kinda mood.)

[Via Slashdot Japan (Japanese)]