Get a whiff of XML Smell

Odorama card

John Waters, eat your heart out. A very bored researcher at Huelva U. in Spain has birthed for the world XML Smell, a protocol for the well-formed transmission of smells by any medium at hand, be it email, TV, or SMS. Of course, we don't yet have a device that simulates such smell transmissions (nor are we sure we really want one), but we can't wait for the day when this is a reality:

To: Pete
From: Ryan
Subject: BO
<?xml smell version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Smell name="BO" last shower="3 days ago">
   <Scent intensity="40%">armpit</Scent>
   <Scent intensity="14%">halitosis</Scent>

Scent sent.