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The $54,000 diamond-crusted Samsung SPH-E3200

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Diamond encrusted phone

Just when you thought the buzz about diamond-studded gold-plated luxury cellphones was dying down, the mother of them all goes up for auction on a South Korean site—it's currently going for about $54,000 (the auction's got four more days). Step aside Mobiado, Vertu, et. al.; Choi Moon-young, the phone's designer, claims he had 10 designers and engineers working for three months to build the 240 diamond-encrusted, gold-set cellphone, "the world's most precious mobile phone." That's all well and good, but couldn't they have at least gone to greater lengths than just beefing out the already before-blinged EVDO-enabled Samsung SPH-E3200?

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