Motorola Royale Blade becomes the SLVR V8

Motorola SLVR V8

It's just after midnight EST (6am Cannes time) and already we find the new Motorola SLVR V8, the candy-bar RAZR we saw slides of a few days ago and caught Ed Zander talking up the other week.  The SLVR includes EDGE, Bluetooth, Mini USB, and Push-to-Talk for connectivity, as well as a VGA camera in a 3.4 ounce package.  Battery estimates are 12-17 days of standby and 4-6 hours of talk, which is pretty wicked for a device with almost a 2-inch display. Other fun bits are MPEG-4 video recording and playback, Push-to-Talk, speakerphone, and something called Motorola's Dynamic Idle, which will display our "favorite sports, entertainment, and weather." So it's basically a screen-saver that uses our battery and connectivity to entertain the inside of our pockets?  Smells like a reason to have a good battery.

[Thanks, Stoney]