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Would you pay $18,853.44 for an Atari Cosmos?

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Atari Cosmos

Look, we're not saying you should take a second loan out against your home, or dip into your kid's college savings or anything, but if you were the Indiana Jones of video gaming, this would be your Ark of the Covenant (or Holy Grail, if you will): the Atari Cosmos. Only 5 are said to exist in the world today (Atari is known to own one of them, which means at least one or two are probably in a trash heap on Staten Island or something), and only two of which are actually supposed to have the electronics—the others were rumored to be mockups for the NY International Toy Fair way back when. Basically the system consisted of an LED-array which would show up behind a variety of translucent holographic scenes you would insert into the screen-area. While the Cosmos in question isn't one of the rare working units, it is one of the only known systems; now, what you need to ask yourself is why the seller lists the item location as "Montreal, Canada/United Kingdom" and has it listed in GBP for its currency. But if you're willing to take the 20-large plunge on a piece of portable gaming history, you officially have our blessings (we'll pray that your significant other and family don't lock you up for this one).

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