Haven't been able to verify this, but AppleInsider is reporting that NYU has been putting up posters in its dorms warning students not to use the standard-issue white earbud headphones that Apple includes with the iPod lest they find themselves at the hands of a mugger after their precious cargo (just a few weeks ago it was New York high school students who were being warned not to wear the signature white headphones). Apparently NYU is also asking that Apple introduce a less recognizable alternative (which should work fine until would-be muggers just learn to start looking for those headphones instead) in addition to recommending that students switch to less conspicuous headphones, but at the end of the day, it's a big city and people who aren't even wearing headphones have been known to be robbed.

Anyway, any NYU students out there want to snap a pic of one of those posters for us? Assuming that they actually exist, that is.

[Via TUAW]