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LTB's FreeZone WiFi headphones

Ryan Block , @ryan
LTB FreeZone headphones

We're all about combining wireless and audio (well, wireless and anything, really), but rarely do wireless headphones not suffer from such severe drawbacks as the lack of interoperability and proprietary, hacker-unfriendly vendor-specific RF (except in the rare case of Bluetooth devices, of course). Enter LTB's FreeZone WiFi headphones, which will apparently grab audio input off "any 802.11 device." Does that mean it's got 802.11a/b/g/n/s? Because we're guessing not—and while we wish they'd be more specific about how this works, we're not about to deny that $99 pricetag is right nice regardless. And if you're willing to hold out a little while, apparently they have two 5.1-surround WiFi cans in the works.

[Via eHomeUpgrade]

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