Spy pen

You don't often spot companies that tout their products as being "incredibly normal-looking," but in this particular case, that feature is an asset. For you 007 types, witness the Digital Spy Camera Pen, a $69.95 digital camera disguised as a regular ol' pen. Its Clark Kentitude hides its 2MB of built-in memory that stores 36 VGA-quality 160 x 120 images in bitmap format. It's got a voice function that audibly speaks how many pictures have been taken, plus emits a "click" sound when a photo is taken — both of which we feel really does this thing in, rather. So much for the stealth factor. The other bummer? It only connects to your Windows PC (of almost any flavor) via serial port. It's not the speed that worries us, as you're not likely to hogging too much bandwidth with 160 x 120 pixel images — no, it's the chic factor. Can you really see James Bond toting a serial cable?

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