Kyocera kills off Contax

Contax SLR

Kyocera is pulling the plug on Contax, the camera brand they picked up when they purchased Yashica in the mid-Nineties. There were some rumors about this going around about a month ago, but it wasn't clear whether they were going to try and sell the brand to someone else or simply shut things down entirely. Apparently they've decided to go with the latter, announcing today their intention to "terminate" their "CONTAX-branded camera business", bringing to an end what was once a great line of cameras that originated with Zeiss back in the 1930s (they haven't announced their plans for the Yashica brand yet). They're going to stop shipping all Contax-branded cameras, lenses, and accessories by September (except for the Contax 645, which will survive another three months), but they will continue to provide technical support and after-market services for another ten years.