Jon Johansen going after the cellphone companies next?

Jon Johansen

Having already managed to get on the bad side of both the MPAA (with DeCSS) and Apple (with PyMusique), has Jon Johansen (aka DVD Jon) now set his sights on pissing off the entire cellphone industry? It's not clear exactly what he's got cooking, but Jon's pops was quoted in a Norwegian newspaper as saying that they're working on,

[A] new way to use the net. With the new software we have developed, your mobile phone will be able to do all new things. Telenor and Netcom [two major Norwegian mobile operators] will hate this. They will panic, as this will give a whole new pricing system on services.

Sounds like a pretty tall order, but DVD Jon does have a decidedly solid track record when it comes to sticking it to the Man.