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ColorZip's latest code tech, ColorCode

Ryan Block , @ryan

May not be the case in America where 2D-code technology is, er, drastically archaic, but the rest of the world seems to be appropriately enthusiastic about fitting lots of data into printable code. QR code (top right) is the current Big Deal with up to 7,000 encodable characters in one block. But ColorZip wants their ColorCode technology to unseat new 800lb 2D-code gorilla; unlike barcodes and QR codes, which are inherantly offline technologies, ColorCode merely encodes URL-like data locators (think tinyurl), which means to interpret the code you have to retrieve its corresponding data online. Of course, this alleviates the problem of an encoded character limit, but also has the unfortunate side-effect of requiring a net connection. Fortunately for the Japanese, that's something they've got little to worry about.

[Via 3yen]