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AnandTech: Dell 2005fpw vs. Apple Cinema Display 20-inch

Ryan Block , @ryan

Dell 2005fpw vs. Apple Cinema Display 20-inch

By now it's no secret that Dell's 2005fpw and Apple's 20-inch Cinema Display use the exact same LG.Philips LCD (literally, it's part# LM201W01). Of course, that 100%+ price differential can be a bit hard to swallow with the Dell going for as little as $350 on sale, and the Apple only today cutting their prices on the screen to $800, so AnandTech asked (and answered) whether Apple's is actually any better than Dell's. The conclusion? We won't keep you in suspense—they scored near identically in all verticals, but the Dell edged out on its price, which is more than marginal difference.

[Thanks, Tomur]

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