Flap over Steve Jobs' biography results in books pulled from Apple Store shelves

steve jobs

Enter another chapter in the Apple image management saga: unhappy with the upcoming publication of a biography of Steve Jobs, Apple has pulled from Apple Store shelves all books by John Wiley & Sons, the leading technology book publisher slated to put out the title. Apple has apparently been in discussions with Wiley in attempts to get the book pulled, with no success — as Wiley executive Kitt Allan put it, "Wiley stands behind our authors." The book, iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business, is authored by Jeffrey S. Young, who finds it ironic that Apple takes issue with the book. He says it updates a biography of Jobs he wrote 20 years ago that was originally quite negative, whereas the new title reflects a matured and successful Jobs. Marketing experts who live for this kind of stuff think Apple's plan will backfire, resulting in even more sales for Wiley & Sons — and we're inclined to agree.