Gamer's verdict on the new iMac G5: better.

iMac G5

Gaming on the Mac is admittedly a niche market. Still, plenty of Mac-heads are eager to get their game on, and Macworld's take on the new iMac G5 update is that this is the best iMac for gaming seen yet. The biggest arbiter in the decision is the switch from the nVidia GeForce FX 5200 graphics subsystem to the ATI Radeon 9600, along with the video RAM doubling to 128MB. The increased gaming performance is a bit of a side effect of catering to Tiger's new Core Image technology, designed for the demands of video and image processing. Still, regardless of reason, the improvements to the graphics subsystem on the iMac seem to be appealing to Mac game developers, which means better Mac games might not be too far behind.