More Nintendo Revolution details revealed

Nintendo revolution!

We already knew it would be packing some backward compatibility and WiFi functionality, but a couple of new bits of information have now come out about the Nintendo Revolution. The unit is apparently going to be quite small, about the "thickness of three standard DVD cases and only slightly longer" — not sure if that means regular jewel cases as with CDs, or the bigger plastic cases DVDs often get cased in. The unit will be playable either horizontally or vertically, making for a more flexible gaming setup. As noted with the backward compatibility, 3-inch GameCube disks will play in the same self-loading media drive as the Revolution's double-layered DVD discs. Hardware partners IBM and ATI are packing a lot of graphics power into a small space, giving the device quick game startup times and quiet, low-power operations. And, of course, we're still looking forward to all of this compactness to be showing up in 2006.

[Thanks, pointfour]