The Barhand: robotic beer dispenser


Mr. Cindy Crawford watch out 'cause your flesh mob of models/actresses bartenders/waitresses' days are numbered. Introducing the Barhand, a beer-bottle vending machine which serves the tasty beverage via a robotic hand. Set for launch over the fortnight in Glasgow (The Garage) and then London (bar.05), the Barhand was designed to cut those beer queues and incidentally, slash binge-drinking — 'cause according to Glaswegian inventor Michael Bowes, those long queues make you drink more (oh yeah, and how 'bout those early English closing times, eh?). No word on how they prevent sales to drunken yobs or subdue overly amorous Bar Bots — we can only hope that arm packs a mean whoop-ass function. Sorry no pictures available so…picture of bar and hand, barhand, get it? …yeah.