Sandstorm autonomous Humvee looking good for DARPA Grand Challenge

Sadnstorm DARPA grand challenge robot

Alright, so if you've been following this stuff you'll already know about the, uh, lackluster results of last year's first annual DARPA Grand Challenge, in which autonomous robot racers have to pilot themselves through a desert racecourse within the specified time limit. Carnegie Mellon's Red Team Robot Racing hopes to make this year an entirely different ballgame robot race with its adapted Humvee, Sandstorm. In a recent test of the vehicle, the Sandstorm piloted itself 200 miles in seven hours without crashing. However, this was around a regular old race course in Pittsburgh, whereas the actual racecourse in the Mojave desert stands to prove more challenging. Still, if anyone's gonna get their mitts on that sweet $2 million prize purse, Sandstorm is looking like a frontrunner.