DoCoMo announces five new FOMA handsets


Old type Engadget fav NTT DoCoMo has introduced fived new handsets for their FOMA cellular network—left in the above picture, you see the DOLCE, the SA700iS, P701iD, D701i, and N701i. Specs-wise, they offer much of the standard fare in Japanese mobile phones these days: QVGA screens, miniSD slots, and compatibility with the whole range of FOMA services such as TV phone. The Dolce is equipped with one of Sharp's recently announced Veil View screens so those around you see only your wallpaper (rather than whatever you're actually looking at on your phone). The SA700iS includes a GPS function, and DoCoMo is actually providing free (not a word you hear too often from them) pedestrian navigation services to this phone until the end of 2008. The P701iD focuses on design with its "Light Drops" feature, where the entire external display portion will light up. Likewise, the D701i features "Emotion Illumination" in which the color of the phone's external LED will change depending on the length of the mail you receive, the volume of your ringer, and so on. Finally, the N701i supports changeable faceplates, which seem to be rapidly gaining popularity in Japan. Finally, something we're ahead of them on. Sheesh.

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