Engadget Podcast 038 - 08.11.2005

Podcast logoWe're sorry for our late Podcast this week, but we had a little bit of business to take care of down in Washington DC-but at least a hundred fifty heads showed up to hear us rap about blogging and the gadget business. Lots of big, big news this week though: Palm's Windows Mobile 5.0-powered Treo 670, Apple's first two button pointer, the Mighty Mouse, and some rumblings in the TiVo camp.

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Ryan Block and Peter Rojas

Randall Bennett

48:52, 22.3MB, MP3

00:00 DC Meetup (Thanks again!)
02:40 Treo 670
12:15 Apple's Mighty Mouse
18:30 Tivo Downloadable Content
23:35 Time-Warner Cable testing broadband TV
27:30 Creative's Zen Vision officially announced
32:20 NHJ signs out
35:35 Linksys CIT200 Skype phone
38:00 VoIPBuster
42:50 LG / Samsung / Motorola in-brief
46:25 Next week: Iced-Out contest (ends Sunday) and a new contest