Sharp's new range of 1080p Aquos LCD TVs

Sharp Aquos 1080p LCD TVs

Looks like Sharp's gotten around to updating their line of Aquos LCD TVs, ho hum, right? But then you find out they're all 1080p—every last one of 'em—and the 57-incher apparently even has a 4ms refresh rate. But when you find out the cheapest one, the 37V 37-incher, goes for ¥546,000 (about $4,900 US), and the 65V 65-incher goes for ¥1,680,000 ($15,000 US), that's when you return to the 1080p waiting game, hopes crushed that you'll be able to get a name-brand panel affordably in the near future.

[Via Akihabara News]