Rent my DVR

This is the kind of stuff that warms social hackers' hearts and gives "content providers" ulcers — Rent my DVR is an online marketplace for buying and selling TV programming. Buyers can scan online listings of available shows and download them via a proprietary P2P application for about 25 cents a pop. Providers in turn receive a 25 cent payment for delivering shows. Developer of the service Micke Langberg is mum about the technical details, which leaves us wondering how things like codecs and compression methods are coordinated, where the show guide data comes from, and why he's so adamant about his app not using BitTorrent under the hood. He's also glib about other understandable questions of the legal variety, claiming it's "exactly the same thing as asking your neighbor to record a TV show for you." Well, there's some truth in that, though we doubt anyone who persists in selling content for a living will see it quite that way. Luckily in the meantime, thanks to ye olde interwebs, we all now have lots and loooots of neighbors to record our shows for us.

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