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SolCool hybrid solar air conditioning unit


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SolCool ac unit

The SC024 isn't exactly the sexiest air conditioning unit we've ever seen—not that we get a lot of those—but the SolCool "Hybrid Solar Chiller" can keep you cool and green next summer with it's 12-volt solar panel complete with back-up battery. The system can run off of normal power on cloudy days and run off of battery power during blackouts, with enough juice leftover to power your ceiling fans and lights during a power outage. Any excess energy can be put towards powering your lights during the night. SolCool claims the AC system should cut your energy consumption down to a quarter of standard systems, and with features like a super cool wet vortex chamber (that can't be legal in all 50 states), we're not going to argue.

[Via TreeHugger]

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