The Ateus VoiceBlue VOIP to GSM gateway

Ateus VoiceBlue VOIP to GSM gateway

Looks like an Inq correspondent out at Expocomm Argentina 2005 dug up a rather interesting little device, the Ateus VoiceBlue VoIP to GSM gateway. Think of it like a four-channel VoIP to cellular Junxion box—a device you'd drop voice over IP calls into the Internet with over your cellular (GSM) connection(s). Brilliant. At €1,500 (about $1,800 US) the price isn't exactly for the faint of heart, and unless you're a business with a mobile workforce that's burning through a lot of overage minutes you probably won't be able to absorb the initial cost very quickly, but it's nice to know you could have one if you wanted it, innit?