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Mologogo adds tracking to any Nextel GPS phone

Marc Perton

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mologogoWant to track someone (your kid, an employee, that wayward spouse) by GPS? Forget about picking up an expensive dedicated tracking system or commercial services like Sprint's $20-per-month Precision Locator. Just download Mologogo, a free Java app that works with any Sprint Nextel GPS phone. Once the software is installed on the phone, you can log in to Mologogo's site and track it using Google Maps. And unlike other web-based GPS tracking services, not only is the software free, but accessing the tracking data is as well. Just remember that this is a tiny project from two guys named Gravity Monkey and Lemonhead, with an ambiguous privacy policy and no real security (their login page doesn't even have SSL), so you may not want to use it unless you're okay with the possibility of the service going down if it gets too popular, or of your tracking data finding its way onto the screens of total strangers.

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