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Unannounced Nokia 9300i gets FCC OK

Evan Blass

nokia 9300i

Seems that trawling the FCC website has delivered the goods for two days in a row: first we got a sneak peek at Motorola's unannounced V3x-inspired E1070, and now we get a chance to peep Nokia's 9300i, the forthcoming upgrade to their 9300 Communicator. The FCC page shows the 9300i to be a tri-band GSM phone with GPRS and EDGE, Bluetooth, IR, USB, and last but not least…WiFi. Battery life has also been increased over the predecessor, with the 9300i sporting an 1100mAh Li-ion. No more relevant details are available, such as the ever-popular pricing and availability, but you can be sure we'll be keeping our eye on this one.

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