US DoD buying Sprint Nextel's iDEN network


Moto must be stoked on this one: after Sprint was slated to wipe Nextel's iDEN network from the face of the planet, PCS Intel has it that the United States Department of Defense will come in and scoop up the infrastructure outright for a national encrypted iDEN network for government communications — one separate from civilian cellphone networks. For those of you still worried about your service and/or Push-To-Talk, have no fear, we understand Sprint intends to roll out dual-mode CDMA/iDEN handsets for use in the years during the changeover, and they've already got limited support for Sprint PCS Ready Link (their CDMA PTT service). So yes, it looks like iDEN will live to see another day — but eventually you'll just have to be on the government payroll to use it.

[Thanks, CoreyTheGent]