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Partygoers get RFID tagged for art's sake

Marc Perton

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rfid partyWe assume the idea behind the RFID Tracking Party held at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art earlier this week was to make some kind of clever, artsy, postmodern statement about privacy, society and art. Either that, or it was an excuse for a group of techie-art types to get together, have a few drinks and check out some flashy light displays. In truth, it was probably a little of both, as attendees were handed RFID tags at the door, and their status at the party was tracked throughout the evening, with their location displayed on various screens. While we're okay with temporarily sacrificing our privacy for art — or for a few free drinks — we sort of hope we don't see too many more parties like this. Part of the fun of a night out is to just find someplace to chill, kick back and forget where you are, and somehow constantly being reminded of your location and status takes at least some of the fun out of it.

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