LG's PM80: the world's first Pocket PC with T-DMB TV


Koreans already have cellphones sporting digital TV, so why not a PDA, right? LG's just announced the PM80, a new Pocket PC featuring a 3.5-inch QVGA display, 64MB RAM and 64MB ROM with SD expansion, 2.5 hours of juice, and a 312 MHz Intel processor driving Microsoft's Windows Mobile 2003 SE (aka the old version). And no, that's not the stylus protruding from the top on the PM80… T-DMB is broadcast at 200 MHz (VHF) in South Korea, so unlike satellite DMB cellphones receiving broadcasts at the higher 2.6 GHz (UHF), terrestrial lovin' devices sport those goofy telescoping antennas which just ain't gonna fly in the west. Expect these to drop in Korea-only for about $383 for the base unit or $576 with optional GPS.