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Hands-on with T-Mobile's pink magenta RAZR


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Magenta RAZR V3

We were juggling a couple of RAZR V3s this weekend, our old silver Cingular model and that pink of pink phones, the magenta RAZR from T-Mobile. We can't say we're digging the color at all [Speak for yourself! -Ed.], but it sure turns heads when rested against one's manly cranium — we'll leave it up to you to decide if that's a good thing or not.

Magenta RAZR V3

The phone does pack 1.5MB more usable memory than the original for filling up with those old skool VGA pics (most likely due to small firmware differences between the carriers), and the software has a newer version number, but other than the various T-Mobile branding and feature rearrangements, the main addition we noticed was video recording with sound (exciting, we know), which apparently Cingular just isn?t down with (though they?ve added it to their black version of the phone).

Magenta RAZR V3

The signal levels were a dead lock between the two phones, though T-Mobile?s service sounded slightly clearer in a few test calls we made during our East Coast Thanksgiving travels.

Magenta RAZR V3

Finally, her pinkitude?s keypad felt a tad bit nicer to the touch, but over all you?re looking at (mostly) the same lame software, a new lame color, and that same sexy sexy form.

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