Philips 7FF1AW digital photo display

Did you know that only about 20% of your holiday snaps will ever make it to print? Or so says Philips. That's why they created the $250 Philips Digital Photo Display — a swank, easy to use solution for showing off those treasured pixels in all your living spaces. The 5.4 x 3.6-inch LCD manages a pretty sweet 720 x 480 resolution which is bright and visible at all angles. Photos can be displayed directly off all the major memory cards or transfered to the display's internal storage via direct card-to-frame transfer or via your USB connected PC or Mac. The frame hosts enough internal storage for up to 80 photos of your little schmoopies which can be displayed either sequentially or randomly. Oh, and stoke the myrrh and lay fire to the frankincense stalkers 'cause Philips claims that the LCD can put-up the same photo for 1,000 hours continuously without any damage to the display. Niiiiice.

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