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Marc Perton

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loc8tor tracker

When we first heard of the Loc8tor a few weeks ago, we were a little dubious of the tracking device, which claims it can locate pretty much anything that you can slap a tag on, within a 500 foot range. Of course, we didn't have a lot of info back then. Now that it's getting close to its unveiling at CES, some more details on the Loc8tor are starting to trickle out (ah, those PR folks; they love to trickle that info), including the fact that the device can work with up to 24 tags simultaneously, the tags themselves (pictured, above) are about the size of a postage stamp (also pictured, above), and tags can be affixed to both objects and people, the latter of which can use a panic button to alert the person holding the base unit. Pricing is set at $99.99 for a version that doesn't include panic-capable tags, and $169.99 for one that does. We're still not sure how well this works in the real world, but we'll do our best to snag one at CES to do a scavenger hunt test run, and will report back to you.

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