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Evergreen's DN-CLMP128 clip-on MP3 player


Looking a whole lot like a bad orthopedic shoe in this pic, the DN-CLMP128 clip-on MP3 player from Evergreen is set to hit Japan December 22nd. At 1.0 x 2.1 x 0.89-inches and weighing in at just 0.7-ounces, they only manage to "pack in" a mere 128MB of memory and a meager 5-hours of MP3/WMA playback. But for a US equivalent of 35 dollars you can afford to snap up a few for the kids, eh? Or just wait a few weeks for it to be Hello Kitty-fied as a pink MP3 barrette or puppy bow-tie... you know it will be.

[Thanks Steve]


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