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LG in a three-way: introduces DVB-H and MediaFLO cellphones

Thomas Ricker , @trixxy

Whoa, LG Electronics just announced their first mobile phones supporting the DVB-H and MediaFLO mobile digital TV standards. To the best of our knowledge, this marks the first FLO handset announcement in support of Qualcomm's proprietary technology and second major DVB-H phone on the heels of Nokia's N92. Remember, LG is South Korea-based and part and parcel to the global promotion of DMB as the international standard for digital broadcast television to mobile devices. This kind of standards promiscuity by a major handset manufacturer is a good indicator that the fight for a world-dominating mobile TV standard is anybody's ballgame. We expect to see these handsets on display at CES this week so we'll bring you more deets later, mkay?