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Live coverage of the XM press event: Highlight reel, but Snoop ain't in da house

Marc Perton

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Given the number of new products the company announced at CES, perhaps the only way XM Radio could top themselves at this afternoon's press bash would have been to bring along Helix endorser Snoop Dogg. Or maybe Opie and Anthony. Or at least Bob Dylan. Well, they were all no shows, but the company did manage to roll a highlight reel featuring all of the above, along with Ellen Degeneres, the cast of Good Morning America and even Bill O'Reilly (we imagine it's the first time the Fox personality has found himself sharing a virtual stage with Ellen D and Snoop). After that, CEO Hugh Panero and SVP Dan Murphy wasted no time showing off the company's latest gear, including the Samsung Helix, Pioneer Inno and the diminutive Samsung Nexus (right) and Passport receiver. Murphy held up a brick-sized XM receiver from four years ago, boasting that the company has managed to shrink that functionality down to the Passport over time, and we have to admit, that gray box was decidedly old school. Did we really want one of those in our ride just a few years ago? Pinero hinted that Snoop might show up tomorrow, but we think he was kidding. The CEO apparently has copped some of tha Dogg's bling, and we suspect the rapper might have more than words for him if the two end up sharing the same stage.

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