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Live coverage of HANNSpree's press event

Kevin C. Tofel

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Let's drop in on the HANNSpree team for their press-only event, shall we? Even though HANNSpree is a young company, you know 'em; they're the folks that make those LCDs that focus mainly on design. Let's see what the up and up is with HANNSpree.

4:20 p.m.: We get in a little early, not even realizing there would be some scrumptious food. Looks to be about 50 seats in the booth.

4:28 p.m.: We're still waiting and even though we just snacked, we're getting hungry again. It must be the wall of televisions shaped like apples. By the way, we just had to touch the leaves on one and it was very leaf-like. Clever.

4:30 p.m.: First up is some corporate overview info. Interesting stuff actually: currently over 150 models of HANNSpree sets, 900 retail locations in 2005.

4:35 p.m.: Hey, they have a new licensing deal with Warner Brothers. The move will bring four new sets in the "Fantasy" line by June, including a fairly detailed Batman 15-inch set.

Batman surrounds the 15-inch LCD.

4:36 p.m.: We're really wondering how those apple-TVs would taste.

4:37 p.m.:HANNStar is the LCD panel production company in Taiwan that the HANNS-lines are built from. Wow, they have the production capability to pump out 1.5 million LCD panels a month!

4:39 p.m.: HANNS-G line is introduced. This sister brand is going to bring style to the Information Technology monitor space. Are they saying IT folks have no style? Anyway, the HANNS-G family is already in Asia and hits the U.S. shores in the first quarter. Looks like 15- to 23-inch wide monitors for workstations, some of the displays will be in the 2 to 8 ms range which isn't bad for gaming. Yeah, we'll only use these in the IT environment....right. This line will compete with ViewSonic, Acer and BenQ.

This widescreen monitor can twist from landscape to portrait.

Another stylish monitor for the Information Technology space, the HW-1910.

4:41 p.m.: Even bigger news announced: HANNSpree is going large, as in larger screens up to 50-inches. This is a real departure from the current product offerings but the design and style factor is still apparent. HDMI and ATSC tuners will be included, as will various memory card slots.

Several style lines in different sizes will available.

4:45 p.m.: The 360-degree design concept explained. Design is a factor all around the sets; but you knew that, right?

4:48 p.m.: The HANNSvibe 32-inch set is announced; more details later because they have something even more intriguing coming up.

4:49 p.m.: Welcome to the HANNSmobi; a portable 7-inch LCD with DVD, NTSC tuner and integrated MP3 player. Will list for $399 but we didn't get to see it.

4:51 p.m.: Speaking of mobile, the HANNSvidilink is on the way so we can wirelessly transmit our television signal through 802.11a up to 300-feet. We're thinking that distance would be a stretch, but it's not our press event, so we'll keep quiet.

4:55 p.m.: That's a wrap so we grabbed a quick water and took a last look around the booth. Thanks for the invite, HANNSpree. It's clear that HANNSpree is expanding out from the smaller LCDs, but it's also clear that design will be a primary brand-recognition factor.

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